Barrhaven Retail Business Update

A few changes this week to the Barrhaven retail business landscape. First off, we’re sorry to see that Thimble Café on Strandherd Drive in Barrhaven has closed down. It was a quaint cafe with great food. But all is not lost. A new café will be taking its place called Amazon Café. Not sure if this is a new Café or simply a renovation of the previous one, but either way, let’s hope it retains both the tasty pastries and inviting decor of the former. No word on an opening date.

Barrhaven Café


Snap Fitness on Strandherd Drive has also closed – the business is consolidating it’s Barrhaven operations at its main location at 3054 Woodroffe Ave. We’re glad to see them maintain a presence in Barrhaven, as they offer an affordable and convenient alternative to more expensive fitness clubs. If you have any questions about the consolidation, you can write them at We’re hearing that a new Barrhaven optometrist might be taking over the location.

I’m also hearing that the opening date for Value Village has been pushed back to June 1st. Still seeking confirmation. Good news is that the new LCBO next to the Costco will be opening its doors on May 10th. That same location will also feature a SuperCuts and new Vacuum Store.

Getting a lot of questions about the new FreshCo in Barrhaven. If anyone knows of a confirmed opening date, let us know!

UPDATE: It seems the Barrhaven FreshCo is opening on May 4th at 8AM – great news for discount shoppers in Barrhaven!

If you need to locate a product or service provider in Barrhaven, the Barrhaven Business Directory is a great local resource to consult.

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