Douvris Martial Arts comes to Barrhaven!

douvris barrhaven martial arts karate judoDouvris Martial Arts and Fitness Centers has been a family-run business in the Ottawa area for more than 30 years, and we are so excited to announce a new location at 3780 Fallowfield Road in Barrhaven!  With its 8th location, Douvris is proud to share with Barrhaven its tradition of personal growth and excellence through the martial arts. With its well-respected name both throughout Canada and around the world, Douvris Martial Arts schools have trained hundreds of world champions.  Its foundation is the traditions of karate combined with the latest approaches to fitness and sport karate. The staff and instructors at Douvris Martial Arts emphasize respect, fitness and most of all fun.

DOUVRIS provides an unparalleled karate, fitness, and leadership experience that is unique in its methods and practices. Douvris offers a full range of classes to accommodate children as young as 4 through to adults over 55, which focus on helping members build confidence, strength, and a positive sense of physical and mental well-being.

The DOUVRIS advantage:

  • World-class instruction by professional black-belt martial artists and world champions
  • All-inclusive membership includes everything one needs to succeed, including uniform, belts, exams, access to our fitness classes, and more. We make it simple.
  • Small classes with individual attention for every member
  • Motivation and goal setting through our curriculum provides clear progression with defined frequent goals, and recognition as each new milestone is achieved.

Karate for Kids

With programs that focus on developing self-control, respect for others, and a positive attitude, it’s easy to see why so many parents love Douvris Martial Arts.

“I was really surprised by how much fun my daughter was having. She’s learning about respect while gaining confidence and staying active. I think it’s a fantastic activity for kids to get involved in”

Douvris goes beyond teaching the basic techniques of the martial arts; parents will find noticeable improvements in behavior, focus, and respect both at home and school. The kids program allows all students to progress at their own pace and celebrates individual achievements while also teaching children how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations. Children learn street wise Self-defense and gain confidence in dealing with bullies.


The Total Body Training (TBT) program is designed for teens and adults ages 14 and up. With a complete approach to fitness based in martial arts training, the highly qualified instructors will be your guide to safe and effective striking and conditioning drills while motivating you to reach your potential. TBT members enjoy a variety of unlimited classes throughout the week. With three different classes to offer, the TBT program ensures you will never be bored of your workout.

  • TBT Strength is a high-energy circuit workout focusing on toning, strengthening, and endurance.
  • TBT Precision develops speed and accuracy while teaching the basic punching and kicking techniques.
  • TBT Power focuses on developing power and explosive strength through punching, kicking, elbow and knee strikes as well as core-strengthening exercises.

Douvris Barrhaven is thrilled to continue the tradition of quality martial arts instruction. Classes are already underway in the brand new location on Fallowfield Road; don’t wait to join in the fun and take advantage of the Grand Opening offers for Karate and the TBT Program.

Drop by 3780 Fallowfield Road to celebrate the Grand Opening party on Saturday, January 17 from 10:00am – 2:00pm, see the dojo and to learn more about the school’s Karate and Fitness classes! The event will include free classes and activities for kids and adults, demonstrations by the DOUVRIS Demo Team, food, prizes, and more.

For more information find Douvris online at or by phone at 613-234-5000