Vimy Memorial Bridge: A Symbol of Unity and Valor in Barrhaven

Vimy Bridge in BarrhavenStanding gracefully across the Rideau River, the Vimy Memorial Bridge in Barrhaven, Ontario, is more than just a vital transportation link. It’s a monument to the bravery and sacrifice of Canadian soldiers during one of the nation’s most defining moments – the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

A Bridge with a Long Journey:

The idea for a bridge connecting Barrhaven and Riverside South first surfaced in 1993. Initially envisioned as a road bridge, the project faced various challenges and delays. In 2004, the plan shifted towards a light rail crossing to accommodate the O-Train’s expansion. However, this idea was ultimately scrapped.

Finally, in 2010, the federal, provincial, and municipal governments joined forces to fund the construction of the bridge as a road project. The construction process wasn’t without its hurdles. The original contractor went into receivership after completing 60% of the work, leading to delays and increased costs. Nevertheless, Horseshoe Hill Construction stepped in and completed the project, and the bridge was officially opened on July 12, 2014.

From Strandherd-Armstrong to Vimy Memorial Bridge:

Originally named the Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge after the two roads it connected, the bridge received its current moniker in November 2014. The name change, suggested by two Ottawa Royal Canadian Legions, honors the Canadian troops who fought valiantly at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917. This pivotal victory, which came at the cost of 3,598 Canadian lives and over 7,000 wounded, solidified Canada’s reputation as a formidable force on the world stage.

Architectural Elegance and a Touch of History:

The bridge itself is a marvel of modern engineering. Its distinctive design features three elegant arches that rise above the river, creating a visually stunning landmark. The bridge also boasts three slots through the deck, which accommodate the arches and contribute to its overall lightness and transparency.

But the bridge’s true beauty lies in its historical significance. A commemorative plaque at the entrance reminds visitors of the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers at Vimy Ridge and their contribution to shaping the nation’s identity. Moreover, the bridge’s location, spanning the Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – further adds to its historical and cultural value.

Today, the Vimy Memorial Bridge serves as a vital transportation artery, easing traffic congestion and connecting the growing communities of Barrhaven and Riverside South. More importantly, it stands as a lasting tribute to the courage and dedication of Canadian soldiers who fought for their country. As generations walk or drive across the bridge, the name “Vimy” will continue to serve as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and unity.

Additional Facts:

  • The total cost of the bridge project was $48 million, shared equally by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments.
  • The bridge won the 2015 Gustav Lindenthal Medal, a prestigious award recognizing outstanding achievements in bridge engineering.
  • The Vimy Memorial Bridge is a popular spot for cyclists and pedestrians, offering stunning views of the Rideau River and the surrounding landscape.


The Vimy Memorial Bridge is more than just a bridge. It’s a testament to Canadian history, a symbol of unity, and a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.